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Episode #76 TEDx Speaker Secrets Revealed w/ Davide Di Giorgio

Episode #76 TEDx Speaker Secrets Revealed w/ Davide Di Giorgio

Episode #76 TEDx Speaker Secrets Revealed w/ Davide Di Giorgio

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got an amazing show and guest for you!  Davide has been on the show before and he was such a fan favorite that I really wanted to get him back on!  Davide’s last show was remarkable but this episode he has really outdone himself.

In today’s episode, fresh off of his gig as the speaker coach for TEDx Cardiff by the Sea, Davide is sharing some massive knowledge bombs, the secrets you want to know if you want to consider doing a TED talk (which I think you should!)

In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

An amazing opportunity with a deluxe bonus (including cabin upgrade and private coaching session with Davide) for my listener’s to get some world class speaker training,

What makes a great TED talk,

What it takes to get selected for a TED talk,

What sets great speakers apart and so much more!

Don’t miss a minute of this week’s episode.

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Davide Di Giorgio has been a theater producer, creator, educator and longtime audacious entrepreneur.  His versatile background and flair for connecting big picture mission and vision with unique expression have positioned him as the go-to creative expert for speakers and entrepreneurs who leverage speaking in their business.

From working with speakers to achieve high audience to client conversions, entrepreneurs to maximize their personal brand equity through speaking experiences, to consulting with corporate clients to produce engaging workshops and events, Davide’s rich experience across multiple industries have made him an innovative leader and trailblazer.

Davide takes an unapologetic, creative approach that shatters the mold of following blueprints, formulas, and systems.  instead, he uses YOU as the blueprint to create real success; your vision, your mission, and your passion as the foundation for world-class, world changing signature experiences that convert audiences into raving fans, revenue, repeat speaking engagements, and makes you UNFORGETTABLE! 

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Find out more about Davide at

Episode #19 Captivating the Audience and Customer w/ Vocal Variety

Episode #19 Captivating the Audience and Customer w/ Vocal Variety

Episode #19 Captivating the Audience and Customer w/ Vocal Variety

Welcome to the show!  

The voice is the orchestra of the heart.  The words are everything and they are nothing, it’s how we bring them to life that make people feel something.

I’m really excited about the concept I’m going to introduce you to today.  Vocal variety.  This is one of my all time favorite voice topics and I really love to teach it.  Now, we won’t go into all the elements specifically today, but be on the lookout for more individual episode’s where I teach you step by step how to add in each variety element.

People miss variety for a number of reasons.  Perception, that they think they are doing it is a big one.  Other factors are patterns that get in the way or go to’s relying on the same variety element and thinking your making a big impact when you really are doing the same element over and over.

There are five elements of vocal variety.  If you play all of them, you play a full orchestra, the orchestra of the heart for that matter.  But, most people just play one, or two or they get a little bit louder on their voice pattern.

The five elements of vocal variety, I’ll teach you today are:



Speed variables

Pace variables and Pitch variables.

I’ll also talk about how to use variety and why it’s so key.  More specific details of each element will come in future episodes.

Vocal variety is really important!  It’s in the variety that you touch our senses and in turn affect our emotions.

I can’t wait for you take a listen.

Listen Here on Itunes: Episode #20 Captivate the Audience w/ Vocal Variety

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Thanks for being here and I’ll see you next week!

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