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Reclaim Your Voice, Transform Your Life Program

Reclaim Your Voice, Transform Your Life Program

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel the freedom to say what you need and want to say without limits?

What about when you speak your words, people listen because you bring them to life in such a way that you touch us on an emotional level as you captivate the room?

Would you like to sound more confident?  Get the respect you deserve?

Don’t you want to have the power to command the room when you speak?

Are you ready transform your personal and business life?


You can get what you want, but the power is in  your voice.

I’m not sure why your here but my guess is perhaps you’ve struggled with:

*Finding the right words to say and actually saying them,

*You are being pushed around, can’t win an argument or fear being pushed around,

*You’ve missed out on opportunities because you couldn’t use your voice,

*You don’t like the way your voice sounds,

*Maybe you don’t sound or feel confident when you speak,

*You aren’t compelling your audience to take action,

*You can’t build the connections with the people you want to build them with,

*You are losing out on sales, jobs, and promotions…not to mention what’s going on in your personal relationships,

*You aren’t making the money you want,

*You stutter and stammer around and don’t sound like the expert you are,

*You can’t seem to captivate the room no matter what you try,

*You know you need to get visible on video or audio but can’t stand getting on camera or audio,

*You know it doesn’t make any sense why you can’t seem to use your voice,

*You know your voice is the problem and you want answers,

*You find your sound is stuck in the back of your throat,

*You are tired of the small place you’ve been speaking from,

*You speak softly and sometimes don’t even finish your sentence because no one is listening anyway,

or maybe all of the above.

I’m Tracy Goodwin and I’m an internationally known voice coach.  But, more importantly, I feel your pain.  Believe it or not, I was raised in a family where I was not allowed to speak.  I struggled with everything you might be struggling with.  But, my purpose as a voice coach was made clear when I was quite young and was severely beaten in a play and I lost my voice.  That was the beginning of my 28-year journey in helping people find their voice and transform their lives so they can be free, powerful and get what they want now!  


Your voice is the epicenter of everything!  It’s the instrument that has the power to influence how we determine everything about you.


You see, science has proven that in the first 30 seconds you speak, we determine everything about you by what we hear, not by the words you say.  


What are we determining about you?

Far too often what your audience is deciding about you is not the truth.

Let me give you an example here. 

Let’s say you speak quite softly.  Your audience will take that quiet voice and on a sub-conscious level determine that you lack passion.  Yet you might be the most passionate person on earth.


But they don’t hire you…they hire someone who they hear the passion in.


We don’t connect with you and aren’t compelled by your words and we will never, ever will be.


It’s what you do with those words, with your voice that has that power.

Your voice is the most powerful instrument you have…if you know how to use it.


Don’t be one of the people that:

Miss the mark simply by the way they sound,

Gravitates back to and relies on the words up in your head,

Tries everything and nothing changes,

Stays stuck,

I know  you, you are different.



You have to get visible.  You know that.


In fact, you probably realize that now you not only have to get visible but you have to sound good because so many people have been busy getting visible.


I’m here to tell you it’s possible to get to the place where you aren’t only visible but you sound great doing it and you even enjoy it and probably much faster than you think.


Let me ask you this…

How much of your life have you missed out on?

Are you ready to sound confident, compelling and captivating?

Are you ready to create connections like never before?

I know I personally missed out on a lot. 

I’m Tracy Goodwin and I’ve been coaching voices around the globe for over 25 years of TV celebrities, CEO’s, executives and everyone in between. 

I’m an award-winning speaker, an award-winning playwright, and an award-winning director and I have a New and Noteworthy podcast. 

But, that wasn’t always the case.


You see, I was just like you even if my story might be a little bit different. 

I was raised in a family where I wasn’t allowed to speak.  It was not okay to share my goals, ideas, dreams, thoughts, needs or wants. 

I went into adulthood, even after winning speaking awards from the age of 12 with an inability to use my voice.

One event after another happened in my life to ensure I would fill my purpose of being a voice coach. 

I don’t regret anything that happened in my life because it was all the catalyst for the opportunity to train under some of the world’s leading voice coaches.


From that training, my personal experience and thousands of clients I’ve worked with over the years I developed a system called the Psychology of the Voice.


My program is unique because it gets to the bottom of your voice story. 

We all have one and it’s that story that your subconscious started processing when you were very little that established how you would use your voice.


All it took was one time of being told to shut up and your subconscious mind took over protecting your heart by reeling your voice in, holding it in the back your throat or your jaw, even wiring you to make small choices in vocal variety, not bold ones.


You are smart, probably highly analytical and most likely quite successful.  All of my clients are.  But you know what else they are? 


Frustrated because they know there is something more.  


*They know there is a freedom in using their voice that they don’t have.

*They know their voice is getting in their way of catapulting to the next level.

*They know they need to get visible and audible now more than ever but they just don’t know how.


Here’s the thing.  No amount of intellect will change what‘s in your muscle memory. 

You need voice technique and I’d like to give it to you.

Unlike other voice work, I uncover your voice story.  I get to the bottom of the issue.  I also point out everything the layman hears in your voice and I fix it.

Really, it’s just about taking you back home…

to where you started before the world got in the way.

I’ll uncover all of the bad habits that are keeping you from catapulting your business and personal life to the next level, bad habits like:


*A pattern that is getting in your way,

*Voice barriers that are keeping you from connecting to others,

*Your sound could is stuck and not flowing out so it can touch my heart,

*Not using all 5 elements of vocal variety,

*You might not even be speaking in your real voice,

*Or any other number of bad voice habits that are keeping you from:

*Connecting with your audience,

*Captivating them so they stay with you and

*Compelling them to take the action you want them to take.

Bottom line, you don’t feel heard.

But all of that is about to change.

2018 is the year of the voice.

I’ve said it for years, in fact, my tagline is “speak your truth, just do it beautifully”. 


It’s time for you to be heard.  

It’s time for you to be free.

It’s time for you to command the room like the expert you are.

It’s time for you to control the outcome and get what you want simply by controlling the conversation with your voice.

It’s time for you to use your voice in a way that it inspires others, changes their lives.

It’s time for you to bring your message to life, turn us into raving fans that want to connect with you and buy from you over and over again.


Because now more than ever you need to use your voice I’ve created the Reclaim Your Voice Program and you have to options to get the voice technique you need.


**This is next level voice work, this is the deep dive,

this is the voice training that will change everything and transform your life.

The two options of the Reclaim Your Voice and Transform Your Life Program.

Option One:  The full Reclaim Your Voice Program

Option Two:  The Reclaim Your Voice Mastermind

Let’s talk about both and find out which one is the best fit for you.


The full Reclaim Your Voice Transformation Program

In this program, you will learn my full voice formula that I teach leaders and celebrities around the globe.

Discover your voice story,

Determine your bad voice habits,

Find the voice technique that will replace your bad voice habits and give you a confident, captivating sound.

I’ll teach you these voice techniques that are specifically for you,

You’ll learn the 5 elements of vocal variety,

How to use vocal variety to control the outcome by controlling the conversation,

You’ll get your sound unstuck,

Your patterns will be eradicated,

You’ll learn how to use your voice in such a way that it captivates the room every time you speak,

You’ll get a voice that makes people listen.

All of this is delivered to you via the following:

1.  Instant access to over 45 downloadable voice technique videos where I teach you step by step every single voice element that you need to sound captivating and confident,

2.  3 one-hour private sessions with me, custom tailored to your specific needs.

3.  Customized homework after each private session and a plan to execute it.

4.  Audio and video recordings of your 3 private sessions.


In these sessions, we will address your specific patterns and problems and find the exact technique that will get you the sound that will change everything.

In addition to the video library and the 3 one on one private voice coaching sessions and recordings, you’ll also get an incredible BONUS if you sign up for the January round!


You will have instant access to my Voice Impact on Camera Course.


In this bonus course, you will get:

*Over 25 videos that specifically address issues you are having speaking on camera or behind the mic.

You’ll learn how to manage a script,

Come out of the gate strong so that you hook your listeners with your voice from your first word,

You’ll learn all the voice on camera techniques that I use with my celebrity TV client’s and for FREE!

*You’ll also get access to a Facebook group where you’ll have the opportunity to post strategically designed live streams for 3 weeks and get my direct and personal feedback on your voice on-camera work.

Are you ready to change your voice and transform your life? 

You can get the full Reclaim Your Real Voice Program today for $1197.00

Yes I want the Full Reclaim Program


Option Two:

The Reclaim Your Voice Mastermind Program

**In this program, you will meet with me and a small group of other business professionals 3 times a month.

In these monthly sessions that are limited in size to no more than 10 people you will learn:

What your voice barriers are and how to get rid of them,

What your patterns and go to’s are and how to get rid of them,

What is specifically keeping you from using your voice,

How to roll in the five elements of variety,

How to bring the words to life with your voice.


In the Reclaim Your Voice Mastermind each person will have individual needs addressed,

Technique for individual issues will be taught,

Live lessons in voice technique will be covered each week,

Hot seat coaching opportunities will be available each week in our weekly meeting.

**You will also get an audio and video recording of each session.

Meetings are scheduled according to the group and are flexible in day and time.


If you want to join 4 or 5 other successful individuals 3 times a week you can join this program for $397.00 per month.

Yes I want in the Mastermind Group

The Mastermind starts the week of January 7th.


Two options, two incredible ways to get your voice ready to make a bigger impact with your message,

To be able to speak your truth with confidence,

To have a voice that makes people listen,

To have a voice that touches people on an emotional level, changes their lives,

And yours!


The words are everything and they are nothing…it’s how you bring them to life that makes the difference.


Want to hear what others are saying about working with Tracy?

Rebecca Raven LaBeau, Actress Australia, Los Angelos


“If you are looking for improving your voice just contact Tracy Goodwin now! Trust me, you will appreciate this advice before even your first session ending! Tracy’s work outperforms any voice or public speaking class that I have tried!” ~ Mehrdad


“Tracy’s personal style of teaching and expertise has opened me to explore my voice and it’s evolution in a whole new way. One of the most intuitive vocal and acting coaches, Tracy has taught me how to expand both my vocal and acting ranges and get rid of limits that so often inhibit an actor. With her expansive knowledge and experience with voice, she not only taught me the techniques, but further helped build my confidence in attaching any script and project with vigor and success. An all-around wonderful teacher and woman.”

Egle Petrailyte, Actress, NYC


“Tracy is an amazing woman who has brought joy, success and happiness to tens of thousands of people around the world. She is very inspiring.”

Jack M. Zufelt, “Author of the Best Seller, The DNA of Success


Untitled design (3)“Tracy, I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into the past month. Despite having been on television more than 1,500 times over the past ten years, the techniques you taught me and notes that you sent through have completely changed my perspective and confidence in communication. I wish I had met you much earlier in my career, but as they say, it’s never too late to learn. You have been one of the most professional and talented subject matter experts that I have worked and I would encourage anybody who is serious about improving their communication skills to engage you. Regardless of how much they think they know. Thanks again.” 
Peter Esho, 
Sydney, Australia

Alex, Medical Student, Australia


chris1-1As a business owner and active speaker, I knew my speaking skills could use a tune-up. I was running out of breath, speaking fast and not having the results I wanted from all the time and preparation.

I decided to work with Tracy because I knew that she was an expert in the field of voice/vocal training. Tracy helped me by listening to my voice while speaking/presenting and instantly identified the areas that were keeping me from being a powerful speaker. The result is that I now have a personalized approach and tools to strengthen my voice and create a better and more profitable impact when I speak.

One thing I liked about Tracy is that she is an incredibly deep listener. She goes beyond what she “hears” to the root of where your voice is trapped and guides you to shift it to a more powerful place. This isn’t about doing standard exercises, this is true customized vocal transformation, as only she can do. I would highly recommend Tracy to people who want to truly captivate the room, both powerfully and confidently, to improve your sales, your impact, and your joy when speaking.

Thanks so much Tracy!

Chris Makell – Speaker, Author, Consultant – Spark Of Brilliance Consulting


Almudena Sos, Psychotherapist, Barcelona Spain


jeanhaynesI hired Tracy to help me prepare for an important speaking engagement. While I felt confident about my material, I really wanted to elevate the way I delivered it. Tracy quickly showed her genius by pinpointing the exact areas where I could make changes that would dramatically increase the impact of my presentation. She went above and beyond to work with me on a very tight timeline, teaching me tools I could apply immediately and in my future speaking engagements. Thanks to Tracy’s coaching, I was able to “captivate the room!”


Jean Haynes, MBA

Career & Leadership Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Jean Haynes Coaching & Consulting


Cynthia Dabreau, Empowerment Coach, London


“A common misconception is that humans know, by mere instinct and imitation, how to communicate in a compelling manner. If I had not sought Tracy’s tutelage, I would have made the self-expressiontake of leaving my voice, a powerful instrument of self expression, severely underutilized. Tracy diagnosed the inhibiting habits I had developed over the years and her prescription, which consisted of a series of personalized exercises, was nothing short of miraculous.

Tracy’s generosity is as profound as her expertise. Each contact I made with her, oral or in writing, reinforced the impression that my constant progress was of paramount importance to her.

Great speakers are made, not born. And they invariably have a master teacher to guide them. Tracy is that master whom you can trust while pursing your highest aspirations as a speaker. Working with her is an investment with a guaranteed high return.” –Yang


60Jason“My life in the public eye kick-started after I met Tracy Goodwin. Learning from her about public speaking and effective communication was the smartest investment I ever made. I went from an individual afraid to speak, to a polished professional fearlessly using my voice. There’s nothing in the world like being able to feel confident and charismatic being in front of a large group of people. Tracy’s knowledge, quick wit, vibrant color and delicious personality make her an Ace at what she does and I would highly recommend her to whoever was looking for a competitive advantage in their career. Simply put, she is the best there is!”

Jason Tilton, Shell Oil Company


Filip Valica, DIY Expert


Lucy“From the moment I started working with Tracy, I felt this deep sense of hope!  That finally I would reconnect with my own unique voice!

Tracy very quickly identified my patterns and immediately gave me several tools and techniques to work and practice with.

She made herself available to me at all times during the day & evenings., Not once did I feel that she was on the other side of the world.

I have come a long way in such a short time with Tracy!  She is not one of these people that have you coming back to her for more and more sessions.. She finds the problem, gives you the skills and tools to fix it and then you’re on your way.

I believe she is one of the very few authentic people whose sole purpose is to help people from all walks of life to find their voice again!

I have tried many strategies and programs out there, but I have personally found Tracy to be the best in her field.

Tracy came at the perfect time in my life and I truly feel very blessed and fortunate to have connected with her.  Thank you, Tracy!”

With Love,

Lucy Atai, Coach


“Tracy is definitely an advanced voice training expert. She has definitely a special approach and helped me recover the authenticity of my voice. Tracy overdelivered in every aspect of her work. With her help, I learned how to overcome my communication barriers and become more confident recording my voice. Anyway, if you are struggling with your voice or the way you sound, I highly recommend Tracy.” Rodrigo Caetano (Principal, WhiteLeaf Management Consulting)

Mr. Bridgewater is a personal acting coach to many of the biggest names in film and television. His clients include: Robert Patrick (Terminator, X Files and Scorpion), Benicio Del Toro (21 Grams, Traffic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Heath Ledger, Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarachy). Project credits: 12 Monkeys, The Fisher King, Mississippi Burning, Roseanne and Forest Gump. Bridgewater also serves as a casting consultant to various A-List directors, network executives, directs and produces as well.Fellow actors: I want to encourage you to take advantage of the upcoming time you can spend with Tracy Goodwin. I have seen Tracy be a key ingredient to actor presence, uniqueness and seen her perform miracles with talent I don’t have the patience for.

I consider her to be the very best in vocal instruction. Vocals, are one of the 3 key ingredients to having a real shot at success in film and television.

She has a unique skill in helping one with good vocals.

I have over 30 years of good fortune and the experience of working with some of the biggest names in film and television.

Over those 30 years, I have come to notice the recurring themes that A-List actors have in common.

The easiest way to strategic advantage in your on-camera craft, is to develop your voice. The voice is something my clients continuously treat as an essential tool and never stop improving or perfecting, as one would a musical instrument.

Tracy will connect you to your “singing” voice. Tracy: calls it finding your “real” voice. Proper vocals show up on camera and the states of relaxation are created as a by-product will help you play with your choices.

All my clients work on their voice. Tracy is my number one choice for showing you how to improve the voice.

Stephen Bridgewater, On Set Coach, LA







593“Working with Tracy was an extraordinary experience for me. Not only was she able to work me in on short notice but once we started my session I immediately felt comfortable with her and her teaching style. The fact is, I landed my first lead role in a feature film after working exclusively with her on the project. She brings out the best in me!”

Kyle Grey, Actor


“My voice over career wasn’t progressing as I had hoped. Then I found Tracy, The Red Sweater Lady, and things really started to turn around for me. Tracy is one of those coaches who can inspire you to stretch your performance muscles. She teaches solid techniques that energize vocal ability, which a voice over talent needs for a stellar delivery. Tracy really stands out amongst coaches. Her fresh approach to breaking down copy and vocal technique is truly unique and has helped me tremendously in my voice over performance. I highly recommend working with her one on one, so that she can identify any areas of your performance that need improvement. You will love working with her!”

Lisa Speaks, Voice Over Artist


“Ms. Goodwin is the epitome of a professional educator.  Her expertise and passion for helping others is evident in her work.”

Liz Lugo, Educator


“I had such a fantastic time in Tracy’s class and got a lot out of it. The biggest – yet simplest – issue for me began to be resolved in only the first class, and I finally started finding my resonance, which was my #1 goal going into the class. Thank you so much!”

Wes Evans, Film Maker, Actor


“ Tracy – It’s time to name a few new Masters, but more importantly currently relevant-Masters, like yourself.

You have a great gift.  You glow when you use it and it’s wonderful to see someone our age who connects so well with the young ones like you and has more energy than most everyone in the room. “

Mark Roach, Actor



Andrew“I was referred to Tracy by my agent.  He felt that my vocal style was limiting my opportunities and a vocal coach could really help.  I had always resented the classroom aspect of acting and I know that type of thinking held me back.  Tracy understood me and my learning style and shaped a curriculum around what I needed.  Right away Tracy began teaching me technical tricks in a way that I could understand and grasp then apply to my audition preparation.  I am so lucky to have Tracy as part of my team.  I feel her support 100%.  I know any questions I ask will be answered with an example that I can understand and I have confidence that the whole room can feel when I walk in!  Thank you, Tracy!”

Andrew Moher, Actor


“My training with Tracy was as informative as it was transformative. Her knowledge of how to utilize your voice is so in-depth that after only
sessions I could feel a powerful shift in my monologue that came directly
from Tracy’s ability to get me to focus on the choices that I make with my
voice. The notes she gives are extremely personalized and applicable which
allowed me to grow and create in my own space. And her transparency and
keen observations as it relates to pace and audible sounds allowed me to
pinpoint exactly where the vocal adjustments needed to made and still allow
for an authentically connected piece. I can honestly say, that I am a
battle-tested and ever ready Tracy Goodwin student for Life!”

Jason C. Louder, Actor



“Tracy has changed everything, it’s amazing!”

Carly Christopher, Actress



James“I am writing this letter on the behalf of Tracy Goodwin. Tracy and I have become well-acquainted overtime,  she started out as my teacher twelve years ago and we have still managed to maintain our friendship over the years. Tracy has served as a mentor to me lending me golden advice over several of my projects in the arts and entertainment industry. It is through her supervision and encouragement that has given me the wisdom and strength to start my own production company.”

James Phinizy III


Just wanted to write and say thanks again for the class. Literally, last three things I’ve been in on, someone has commented that they love my voice to which I can only attribute to working with you

Brad Miller


THANK YOU so much for teaching me the wonderful techniques to help me discover my true voice.

I can hardly believe how in such a short amount of time I’ve gotten such clarity and confidence in my voice. And I can truly feel this as I speak out the words.

You’ve made such an impact on me and I love your approach and techniques. I’m committed to applying this and putting into daily practice. It’s made a huge difference to me.