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The Power of Story and Voice Course

The Power of Story and Voice Course

You’ve heard it, you’ve been hearing it for a while now.


Stories are everything.

But, the piece that no one is talking about, the essential piece of storytelling is how you bring those words to life with your voice.


Stories are key but they must be approached with thought and strategy, 

Stories must have a plan that encompasses the purpose, why they must be told,

Stories have to serve the emotional needs of the audience,

Stories must be properly picked,

Stories must contain just the right elements,

Stories must be written with art and soul,

Stories need a theme and a focus and a voice,

Stories must make me feel something,

Stories give me an opportunity to connect with you on a human level

Stories need to be brought to life with your voice.

Stories must be told.


Are your stories doing all of that?  They can!


In this exciting new course, I’m drawing from my 38 years of theater and my 28 years of voice coaching to teach you exactly what you need to do step by step to create

Stories that work,

Stories that touch us on an emotional level,

Stories that are brought to life, stories that must be told.

I’m Tracy Goodwin and I’ve been winning awards as a speaker, actor, playwright and director since I was 12 years old.  I have a deep understanding of the power of stories and how they must be written and weaved into presentations, videos and podcasts.  

I also have a deep understanding of what it takes to bring stories to life, your voice.

There are a lot of story courses out there. 

But there is not a story course like that that teaches you not only how to create, write and implement your stories but how to use your voice to touch the emotions of the audience as you take us on a journey.


In this course you will learn:

*What a brand story is and exactly how to create and present one with great success,

*How to pick stories, why must pick the right story for you, your content and the needs of your audience,

*How to write your story,

*Parts of the story

*Where to place your story for the best effect,

*The length of the story,

*The art and soul of the story,

*The theme, focus, and purpose of each and every story,

*How to create a heightened experience,

*The how and why of your opening and closing and how to link them together,

*The why of your story,

*How to use transitions in your story,

*Why the story must be told,

*Why and how stories must be weaved into all aspects of business presentations, podcasts, videos and even meetings.

And that’s just the story part!


Next, we will turn our attention to your voice and how you bring the story to life so that you touch our emotions on a deeper level.

In the voice section of the course you will learn:

*How to bring a script to life if you need one,


*Using breath to cultivate connection,

*The five elements of variety and how to regulate them in connection to our emotions,

*The power of the pause and how to maximize this element for effect,

*How to reel me in with your voice,

*What you need to do to create unpredictability to captivate me,

*How to practice and why over practice can ruin everything.


We’ll also cover the elements of the brand story including:

*What makes something stageworthy,

*Discovering the moment that changed your life forever,

*What it takes to allow your audience to connect with you as human,

*What your authentic self really is and how you do you,

*Inspiration and obstacles,

*Marrying obstacles to your vision and how it is connected to your vision,

*Your mission statement and big picture and how it’s different than your personal story,

*How to talk openly and compelling about your product,

*How you want your audience to feel and how to make that happen.


Sounds good right? 

How’s it delivered?

In the Power of Story and Voice Course you’ll receive:

**Over 50 story and voice technique videos that you can watch at your own pace.

In these videos, you’ll learn the valuable technique in all of the elements of story and voice mentioned above.


**3 one hour long private sessions with me to pick, write and deliver your story in all areas of your business and varied presentation formats.

The private sessions will be individualized to your specific stories and needs.


The total value of this course is $1500.00 but you can have it all…the videos and the private sessions with me to craft and deliver your stories for $897.00

Are you in?

Yes I Want to Tell Great Stories

Story and voice is the next big thing.

People want to know who you are, your struggles, your triumphs and they want to be entertained, they want to be touched on a deeply emotional level.


When you can bring your stories to life, you have the opportunity to line your experience up with your audience’s experience and create a connection that lasts forever.


A connection is the foundation for relationships, sales, and business success.

Are you ready to move to the next level?

Are you ready to change the way you are perceived in business for the better?

Are you ready to create authentic connections and captivate the audience every time you present and speak?


2018 is the year.

This is the course.