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Episode #41 The Voice Elements You Need to Captivate the Room

Episode #41 The Voice Elements You Need to Captivate the Room

Welcome to the show!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about what you need to have in place to captivate the room with your voice.  A lot of people realize that they don’t captivate the room and quite a few more know they want to, but do you know the exact issues that are keeping you from captivating?

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you the list of what you need, from a vocal perspective, to captivate the audience whether it’s live or online.

To captivate the room, touch our senses and in turn effect our emotions to make you connection your voice needs to:

Be solid and not airy,

Be connected and grounded,

Be connected to the breath,

Be free of patterns and go to’s,

Be full of the five elements of variety,

Be regulated so you are in control,

And more!  Find out what you need and check to see what’s missing on today’s episode.

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Want to captivate the audience every time?  Let’s get you ready for 2017!

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