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Episode #93 Using Words to Wound or Empower

Episode #93 Using Words to Wound or Empower

Welcome to the show!

As you know from the last episode I’m doing a brief series on voice and effective communication, two key elements to your success in business and life.

Today we are talking about words and how you use them.  I believe that words can do one of two things, wound or empower.

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about how we use words,

Why we struggle to find the words and speaking our truth,

The benefits of using words in an empowering way,

The problem with using words to wound others and why it just doesn’t work,

And More!

I’d love you to join my 5-Day Reclaim Your Voice and Communication Challenge

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I’m looking forward to helping you reclaim your real voice and speak your truth beautifully!


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