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Episode #78 Is Your Voice Doing its Job?

Episode #78 Is Your Voice Doing its Job?

Episode #78 Is Your Voice Doing its Job?

Welcome to the show!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the job of your voice, that’s right, your voice has a job to do.

Your voice is the greatest instrument you have to take the audience on a voice journey.  Your voice is fully capable of touching our emotions and in turn affecting our senses.  If you want to connect with your audience, compel them to take action and captivate the room, your voice needs to do its job.

Part of the problem is your voice has just been locked into submission by your subconscious mind.  I get it, your mind is trying to protect your heart and that’s great.  But, the result is a voice that can’t fully deliver, can’t fully bring your words to life.

The voice should flow out freely making it easier for others to connect to you,

The voice should utilize all elements of vocal variety to touch our senses,

The voice should take us on a journey, bringing the words to life,

The voice should get us excited about your call to action and inspire us to do so.

Does your voice do all of that?  If it does, then you will catapult your success.

If it doesn’t, you might be left wondering what’s wrong.  It’s not your words, it’s not what your thinking, it’s your voice not doing what it could do for you.

If you find that your voice is slacking on the job, don’t be too hard on it, it’s just been trained to play it safe.  But, now that the light is shining on the darkness, it’s time to step out with bold voice choices, a voice that flows freely speaking your truth, a voice that captivates us by touching our emotions and compels us.

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Episode #76 TEDx Speaker Secrets Revealed w/ Davide Di Giorgio

Episode #76 TEDx Speaker Secrets Revealed w/ Davide Di Giorgio

Episode #76 TEDx Speaker Secrets Revealed w/ Davide Di Giorgio

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got an amazing show and guest for you!  Davide has been on the show before and he was such a fan favorite that I really wanted to get him back on!  Davide’s last show was remarkable but this episode he has really outdone himself.

In today’s episode, fresh off of his gig as the speaker coach for TEDx Cardiff by the Sea, Davide is sharing some massive knowledge bombs, the secrets you want to know if you want to consider doing a TED talk (which I think you should!)

In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

An amazing opportunity with a deluxe bonus (including cabin upgrade and private coaching session with Davide) for my listener’s to get some world class speaker training,

What makes a great TED talk,

What it takes to get selected for a TED talk,

What sets great speakers apart and so much more!

Don’t miss a minute of this week’s episode.

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Davide Di Giorgio has been a theater producer, creator, educator and longtime audacious entrepreneur.  His versatile background and flair for connecting big picture mission and vision with unique expression have positioned him as the go-to creative expert for speakers and entrepreneurs who leverage speaking in their business.

From working with speakers to achieve high audience to client conversions, entrepreneurs to maximize their personal brand equity through speaking experiences, to consulting with corporate clients to produce engaging workshops and events, Davide’s rich experience across multiple industries have made him an innovative leader and trailblazer.

Davide takes an unapologetic, creative approach that shatters the mold of following blueprints, formulas, and systems.  instead, he uses YOU as the blueprint to create real success; your vision, your mission, and your passion as the foundation for world-class, world changing signature experiences that convert audiences into raving fans, revenue, repeat speaking engagements, and makes you UNFORGETTABLE! 

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Episode #74 Captivate the Room w/ Bold Voice Choices

Episode #74 Captivate the Room w/ Bold Voice Choices

Welcome to the show!

I’m really excited about today’s episode because it’s all about pushing you out of your voice box (no pun intended) and into bold choices.

So many times people come to me and they say, “I don’t sound captivating”.  I hear you!

What we work on is getting out of the small and limiting voice box they are working in because of fear or their psychology of the voice story or even their perception.  People also work in this box because of perfectionism and wanting to get the words just right, in fact relying on the words can cause this to happen as well.

If we want to captivate the audience we have to learn to make bold choices and commit to them!

In this episode, I’ll talk about bold choices,

What they are,

How to make them and how to commit to them.

Once you commit to choices that are bold, exciting and outside of the box your world will begin to change!

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Episode #72 The Voice, Not the Words Will Create Connection, Compel and Convert

Episode #72 The Voice, Not the Words Will Create Connection, Compel and Convert

Episode #72 The Voice, Not the Words Will Create Connection, Compel and Convert

Welcome to the show!

This may be one of my favorite and most important episodes!  I continue to see business leaders and entrepreneurs not get where they want to go, not compel, not create connections, not convert sales and it’s ALWAYS because they are putting the value on the words.  If you are up in your head thinking about the words, if you are focused on the words and getting them out correctly, you can’t make me feel anything.

This episode is all about the problem in giving all the power to the words and how you need to pull away from it.  The voice is what will make us feel, the vocal variety, what you do with your voice.

Don’t miss this episode, it’s a game changer!

Want to make a bigger impact with your voice?  I can help. 

Episode #67 Stepping into the Spotlight w/ Alexia Vernon

Episode #67 Stepping into the Spotlight w/ Alexia Vernon

Episode #67 Stepping into the Spotlight w/ Alexia Vernon

Welcome to the show!

I’m so excited about my guest today!  With me on the show is Alexia Vernon whose work I have followed and admired for some time.  Alexia is a master speaker coach and an outstanding, sought after speaker herself.  

In today’s episode, Alexia and I talk about:

Finding your “Moxie” and stepping into the spotlight,

How to get past fear and step into vulnerability,

Who needs to share their story,

What the greatest challenge is in getting started as a speaker,

Insights into Alexia’s own speaking journey and more!

I know you are going to love this episode just as much as I loved doing the interview.  If you ever wanted to be a speaker or even if you are just trying to muster the courage to use your voice, this episode is for you!


Want to learn more about stepping into your voice power?  Sign up for my live free training, The Voice Formula at


Guest Bio Alexia Vernon

Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House for her unique and effective approach to developing the next generation of female leaders, Alexia Vernon is a go-to thought leader on women’s communication and leadership development. 

As a leadership and public speaking coach, Alexia partners with CEO’s, start-up founders, New York Times bestselling authors, media personalities, change agents and entrepreneurs to create transformational keynotes, TED-style talks, and live events. She is also the creator of the Your Spotlight Talk speaker training program, the host of The Spotlight MasterTreat and the leader of the Spotlight Speakers Collective.

Alexia’s expert advice at the intersections of career development, communication, leadership and women’s empowerment has been featured on/in media such as CNN, NBC, FOX Business News, the Wall Street Journal, Inc., European Business Review, Forbes and Women’s Health Magazine and Alexia has presented on a range of stages including the UN during the Commission on the Status of Women, INBOUND, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Alexia is the author of the book 90 Days 90 Ways: Onboard Young Professionals to Peak Performance (ATD Press), a Women’s Media Center SheSource Expert and a recipient of the International Women’s Forum of Nevada’s Rising Star Award.

You can find out more about Alexia here:

On Twitter: