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Episode #89 Stop the Dragging S, Especially for Podcasters and On Camera

Episode #89 Stop the Dragging S, Especially for Podcasters and On Camera

Episode #89 Stop the Dragging S, Especially for Podcasters and On Camera

Welcome to the show!

As you know we are in the middle of a series, voice technique especially for podcasters.

The truth is that all of the techniques are great for anyone in any form whether it’s live speaking, online presentations, water cooler conversation.  The voice is the most powerful tool you have because it’s how we determine everything about you.

Now, today’s episode is pretty specific to podcasters but anyone can still benefit from it if they have a dragging s.  It’s not the end of the world if you have one but you will get a crisper sound if you get rid of it and it’s not that hard.

The exercise I give in this episode is not hard, it’s just a little strange but if you will do it for about a week you will be able to stop your dragging S and get a sound that might make your life a little easier when it comes to editing.

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As always, thanks for listening!


Episode #81 Your Voice is Key to Your Sales Success

Episode #81 Your Voice is Key to Your Sales Success

Welcome to the show!

Today’s episode is very important because it’s about your voice and selling and I mean, who doesn’t sell at some point?

Now you may not sell a product or service but you still have to sell yourself on occasion.

What far too many people don’t realize is that the voice is instrumental in sales success.

Part of the power of voice in selling is in persuasion but the voice also plays a key role in creating connections which are essential to that know, like and trust factor that precedes selling.  But the voice is also the instrument that has the ability to make me feel, to touch my emotions.  If you want people to buy what your selling or take an action you want them to take, it’s essential to compel them and that is the voice’s job.

In today’s episode, I talk about key ways your voice plays an integral role in your selling success and give a few techniques and tips for what you must have in your voice to increase your sales success.

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Episode #78 Is Your Voice Doing its Job?

Episode #78 Is Your Voice Doing its Job?

Episode #78 Is Your Voice Doing its Job?

Welcome to the show!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the job of your voice, that’s right, your voice has a job to do.

Your voice is the greatest instrument you have to take the audience on a voice journey.  Your voice is fully capable of touching our emotions and in turn affecting our senses.  If you want to connect with your audience, compel them to take action and captivate the room, your voice needs to do its job.

Part of the problem is your voice has just been locked into submission by your subconscious mind.  I get it, your mind is trying to protect your heart and that’s great.  But, the result is a voice that can’t fully deliver, can’t fully bring your words to life.

The voice should flow out freely making it easier for others to connect to you,

The voice should utilize all elements of vocal variety to touch our senses,

The voice should take us on a journey, bringing the words to life,

The voice should get us excited about your call to action and inspire us to do so.

Does your voice do all of that?  If it does, then you will catapult your success.

If it doesn’t, you might be left wondering what’s wrong.  It’s not your words, it’s not what your thinking, it’s your voice not doing what it could do for you.

If you find that your voice is slacking on the job, don’t be too hard on it, it’s just been trained to play it safe.  But, now that the light is shining on the darkness, it’s time to step out with bold voice choices, a voice that flows freely speaking your truth, a voice that captivates us by touching our emotions and compels us.

Want to find out more about how to captivate the room?  Visit me at

Make sure you grab my voice formula and get on your way to making a bigger impact with your message.



Episode #67 Stepping into the Spotlight w/ Alexia Vernon

Episode #67 Stepping into the Spotlight w/ Alexia Vernon

Episode #67 Stepping into the Spotlight w/ Alexia Vernon

Welcome to the show!

I’m so excited about my guest today!  With me on the show is Alexia Vernon whose work I have followed and admired for some time.  Alexia is a master speaker coach and an outstanding, sought after speaker herself.  

In today’s episode, Alexia and I talk about:

Finding your “Moxie” and stepping into the spotlight,

How to get past fear and step into vulnerability,

Who needs to share their story,

What the greatest challenge is in getting started as a speaker,

Insights into Alexia’s own speaking journey and more!

I know you are going to love this episode just as much as I loved doing the interview.  If you ever wanted to be a speaker or even if you are just trying to muster the courage to use your voice, this episode is for you!


Want to learn more about stepping into your voice power?  Sign up for my live free training, The Voice Formula at


Guest Bio Alexia Vernon

Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House for her unique and effective approach to developing the next generation of female leaders, Alexia Vernon is a go-to thought leader on women’s communication and leadership development. 

As a leadership and public speaking coach, Alexia partners with CEO’s, start-up founders, New York Times bestselling authors, media personalities, change agents and entrepreneurs to create transformational keynotes, TED-style talks, and live events. She is also the creator of the Your Spotlight Talk speaker training program, the host of The Spotlight MasterTreat and the leader of the Spotlight Speakers Collective.

Alexia’s expert advice at the intersections of career development, communication, leadership and women’s empowerment has been featured on/in media such as CNN, NBC, FOX Business News, the Wall Street Journal, Inc., European Business Review, Forbes and Women’s Health Magazine and Alexia has presented on a range of stages including the UN during the Commission on the Status of Women, INBOUND, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Alexia is the author of the book 90 Days 90 Ways: Onboard Young Professionals to Peak Performance (ATD Press), a Women’s Media Center SheSource Expert and a recipient of the International Women’s Forum of Nevada’s Rising Star Award.

You can find out more about Alexia here:

On Twitter:


Episode #65 Celebrity Voice Tips for Live Stream, Stepping Into Vocal Energy

Episode #65 Celebrity Voice Tips for Live Stream, Stepping Into Vocal Energy

Episode #65 Celebrity Voice Tips for Live Stream, Stepping Into Vocal Energy

Welcome to the show!

Today is the last day of the 7 days of Celebrity Voice Tips for Live Stream and Video and today I’m talking about something important!  Vocal energy.

If you find that you fall flat, sound boring, aren’t really getting your audience excited…

Vocal energy could be the culprit.

Vocal energy is really just connecting to the passion and delivering your excitement and enthusiasm through your voice.  Sometimes easier said that done but it’s totally a learned skill.

That’s what I’m talking about today…stepping into that learned skill of speaking with an energized, passionate voice on your live streams.

If you want more information about my Celebrity Voice and On Camera Course,