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Episode #95 Noise and How It’s Getting in the Way of Your Communication Success

Episode #95 Noise and How It’s Getting in the Way of Your Communication Success

Welcome to the show!

I love this episode so much because it’s chock full of all the noise elements that are getting in the way of your communication success.  When we think of noise we think of, well…noise!  But, today I’m talking about the noise that often times is in your head or unspoken and it’s wrecking your ability to speak your truth beautifully.

Noise can be hierachy, semantics, assumptions, expectations and more!

Today I’ll talk about the different types of noise, how they get in your way of being an effective communicator at home and work and how to think and speak differently.

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Episode #94 How Your Tone of Voice is Hurting or Helping You

Episode #94 How Your Tone of Voice is Hurting or Helping You

Episode #94 How Your Tone of Voice is Hurting or Helping You

Welcome to the show!

WOW!!!  100 Episodes!  I could not have done this without your support. Thank you so much for being a listener, a subscriber, a downloader and a reviewer!

I love this show and I’m so grateful for your support.

Today on episode 100 I’m talking about a topic that is really close to my heart. I’m very sensitive to the tone of voice people speak to me and others with. Tone makes a big impact on most of the people you communicate within your business and personal life.  Tone speaks volumes!

The thing about tone is that it can really help create your success or really hinder it.  The unfortunate part is that tone of voice is hurting too many people in their communication with others ultimately slowing their connections and success.  Just like non-verbals, we use tone because we struggle to say what we need to say, struggle to really express our emotions so we rely on letting those emotions out in our tone rather than just using the proper words.  But the tone of voice you use can literally wreck your business and personal relationships.

I’m still on the effective communication and voice series, your tone of voice is an obvious part of it.

Today I’ll be talking about why and how your tone of voice can create problems for you and what you need to do to change your tone.  I think you’re going to really love this episode and this one you might definitely want to share with others so they can check their tone!

I think you’re going to really love this episode and this one you might definitely want to share with others so they can check their tone!

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Thank you again for being a listener.


Episode #93 Using Words to Wound or Empower

Episode #93 Using Words to Wound or Empower

Welcome to the show!

As you know from the last episode I’m doing a brief series on voice and effective communication, two key elements to your success in business and life.

Today we are talking about words and how you use them.  I believe that words can do one of two things, wound or empower.

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about how we use words,

Why we struggle to find the words and speaking our truth,

The benefits of using words in an empowering way,

The problem with using words to wound others and why it just doesn’t work,

And More!

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I’m looking forward to helping you reclaim your real voice and speak your truth beautifully!


Episode #92 The Power of Voice and Effective Communication

Episode #92 The Power of Effective Communication

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m starting a series on effective communication.  I always like to bring out the communication skills before the holidays and this year is no different.  But, this year I’m adding a podcast series.   In this effective communication round of episodes, I’m going to cover some of the greatest challenges we face to be effective communicators in both our personal and professional lives.

In today’s episode, I’ll do an overview of the series and talk about what it takes to be an effective communicator as well as what most often gets in your way.

In this series, we’ll be talking about things like:




Silent Treatment


Giving and Receiving Feedback and more!

I hope you’ll join me for this series, we all need a little help when it comes to communication, it’s truly one of the most challenging yet important things we do, all day long!

I’m also running a 5-day Reclaim Your Real Voice and Communicate More Effectively challenge, I’d love for you to join me and you can sign up right here:



Episode #91 Turning Ideas to Products and the Voice to Pitch Them w/ Filip Valica

Episode #91 Turning Ideas to Products and the Voice to Pitch Them w/ Filip Valica

Welcome to the show!

With me today is a former client and all around brilliant man, Filip Valica.

Filip has a unique business and a wonderful podcast for anyone who wants to turn an invention into a product.  Filip is sharing his wisdom today with us and I know if you’ve ever thought about creating a product or pitching to raise funds for something you will love this show!

In today’s episode Filip and I talk about:

Creating products and getting them to production,

Mistakes product creators make,

The realities around raising funds and getting a product sold,

How the voice plays into his work and his capital,

What it’s like to be an introvert and having to present and pitch,

The benefits of having a podcast,

How much work is really involved in creating a more confident voice and more!


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Guest Bio

Filip Valica has been a mechanical engineer and manager for over 12 years, designing, testing and building products. He has worked for a broad range of companies – from mom-and-pop small businesses to some of the largest corporations in the US.  Filip founded The Product Startup to provide a step-by-step blueprint to aspiring product creators wanting to bring their own ideas to market. 

Along with his mother, Filip came to the United States as a political refugee from Czechoslovakia when he was 7 years old. They arrived with two suitcases and $80 in cash and left behind all of their family. His journey and success in the United States prove that it’s possible to create your own luck through hard work.

At an early age, Filip became the “man-of-the-house” and was responsible for fixing things around the house. After college, he pooled his savings, borrowed money from his friends, bought an inhabitable foreclosure and spent the next 2 years to make it livable. 

Filip lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and daughter. After his daughter was born, he realized that he needed to focus on his passion and soon launched The Product Startup.  

Filip believes that anyone can develop a product using recent advances in technology and tools  – and by following the same road map many other companies currently use to commercialize their ideas. On his podcast, Filip interviews other founders and shows listeners a how they can build their products and brands on a tight budget. His hands-on point of view resonates with other action-oriented small business owners and entrepreneurs.  You can find out more about Filip at