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Episode #98 Voice and Selling Power w/ Aandra Bohlen

Episode #98 Voice and Selling Power w/ Aandra Bohlen

Episode #98 Voice and Selling Power w/ Aandra Bohlen

Welcome to the show!

Wow, are you in for a treat in this episode!  On the show today I’ve got one of the most knowledgeable and talented people I know when it comes to selling, something we all do!  Aandra Bohlen is here with me today and you are going to love what she has to say!

Today Aandra and I are discussing:

Why selling really isn’t icky,

What trips people up when it comes to selling,

How to sell so that you can truly service,

The power of the voice/sales marriage

How to get your serving/selling on now and so much more!

Don’t wait another minute to get your voice ready!  It’s time to speak your truth beautifully.  To find out more about what’s cooking in the voice oven head on over to


Guest Bio

Aandra Bohlen is a multi-six -figure business consultant and sales expert with a track record that includes 26 years of award-winning sales experience. She is well-known in the online marketing community as a Sales Coach and Human Potential Activist. Aandra helps entrepreneurs at any level create meaningful connections in their businesses by having powerful (sales) conversations that convert to cash.

Her mission is to demystify the stigma around selling. She encourages her clients through her coaching and sales training to realize the sacred opportunity that selling can create in facilitating true transformation through solution-based selling. She believes that to sell is the pathway to solving and serving.

If you are ready to serve as you sell, you can find Aandra at


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