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Episode #84 Using the Right Voice Element to Get Results

Episode #84 Using the Right Voice Element to Get Results

Welcome to the podcast!

I’m really glad your with me today because today’s topic is going to help catapult you to the next level.

We make voice choices and most of the ones we make are laid into our muscle memory from our voice story.  Often times we try to think our way into a more captivating voice but the truth is, what’s in the top layer of the muscle memory is what is going to deliver.  It’s essential to lay in a new top layer.

But, there is even more to this.  We have been led to believe someone along the way that certain voice choices are going to get us certain results.  In today’s episode, I’m going to dispell that myth!  There are push voice elements and pull voice elements and we need all of them.  We also need to use all elements of vocal variety so that we can really take our audience on a voice journey and touch them at their emotional core.

I’m covering all of this in today’s episode!

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