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Episode #6 Being Unpredictable w/ Your Voice

Episode #6 Being Unpredictable w/ Your Voice

Episode #6 Being Unpredictable w/ Your Voice

Welcome to the show!

I’m Tracy Goodwin and I own Captivate The Room. I’m a voice expert and for over twenty years I’ve taught people how to make a bigger impact with their voice, all over the world.

Most of the time people come to me because they realize they can make a bigger impact with their voice and I love that! But, I think it’s super cool when I have the opportunity to teach people just what their voice can do. Far too often people are in the red zone by the time they realize just how important their voice is.

The voice is usually the missing link to getting to the next level, getting the sales, making the impact, changing the life.

Can you be successful without working on your voice, sure, but can you really make the impact you want and step onto a bigger stage? Can you really captivate without voice power?

I can give you the answer to that.

Voice work is worth it and it’s a one time thing, once you do it, you’ve done it and you never, ever look back.

Today, I’m talking about one of the biggest mistakes people make then they present, do webinars or even in conversations with potential clients and that’s in getting predictable with their voice.

The minute we know what you are going to do with your voice is the minute you give us permission to check out.

In this episode I’ll teach you exactly what you have to do to stay unpredictable so you can and WILL captivate your audience.

Take a listen here on Itunes:  Ep #6 Being Unpredictable

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Every 90 seconds our brain tells us to check out. If you become predictable, you give us permission to do it!


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