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Episode #53 Captivating the Room w/ NYC Casting Director Barbara Barna Abel

Episode #53 Captivating the Room w/ NYC Casting Director Barbara Barna Abel

Episode #53 Captivating the Room w/ NYC Casting Director Barbara Barna Abel

Welcome to the show!

I’m so excited about this episode because I just adore my guest today.  Don’t miss a minute of this episode because it is packed with fantastic nuggets of voice and speaking advice not just for actors but for speakers and business leaders.

I’ve been following Barbara’s work for some time and I really resonate with the way she teaches and her training and philosophies of what it takes to captivate the room.  Barbara is a casting director but she also works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them captivate the room in speeches, presentations and in media appearances and video.  She’s a seasoned veteran in the field of television and knows what it takes to make an impact on the audience.  Today, she is generously sharing her wealth of information with you!

In today’s episode here are a few things you’ll learn about:

What’s important in casting and captivating an audience,

Why it’s so crucial to be the best version of you,

What it takes to make an impact on an audience,

Ways to get better at speaking,

Why it’s essential to relax and more!

You can find out more information about Barbara below.  Be on the lookout for her new book, due out in March, it sounds like a fantastic read and not just for actors!  The book is: How To Get Your Foot In The Door: Television Hosting and Presenting and will be available on Amazon or Barbara’s website  Make sure you read more about Barbara and her offerings below.

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Guest Bio



Barbara has an eye for talent whether she’s casting or bringing out someone’s best as an on-camera coach and media trainer.

Barbara believes passionately that everyone has a story to tell and is committed to helping clients find their authentic voice. Her clients include television networks, PR firms, athletes, models, celebrity chefs, business executives and young creatives.

As a casting director, Barbara has worked on over 100 unscripted/alternative projects since launching her business in 2001 and among the talent she discovered or gave early breaks to: Adam Richman, Amy Schumer, Bert Kreischer, Carson Kressley, Chrissie Teigen, Clinton Kelly, Jake Tapper, Jeff Probst, Ted Allen, Thom Felicia, Wayne Brady…

Barbara started in entertainment as music director of her college radio station (KSPC, Claremont, CA) and making tea for powerhouse ‘80s musical acts like Culture Club and Human League as the first college intern for Virgin Records UK.

After stints in music management, Barbara gained her comedy chops at APA in Los Angeles working the phones for the legendary and visionary Marty Klein before merging her backgrounds in music and talent at VH1 where she ran the Talent Development department in New York for several years.

Outside of the office, Barbara has raised funds to start five banks through FINCA’s Village Banking program and is a New York City High School mentor with iMentor.

Barbara teaches classes in NYC but is also available for coaching via Skype.  You can find out more about her and her work at

Find Barbara on Twitter @BarbaraBarna

Get Barbara’s E-book 12 Tips for Success on Camera here:

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