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Episode #26 Your Voice Is Leaving Money on the Table

Episode #26 Your Voice is Leaving Money on the Table

Welcome to the show!

Today I’m talking about money and your voice.  Well, I talk about that a lot actually, but today I want to introduce you to a principle you might not have thought about.  I know we talked about vocal variety in another episode, but today, I want to talk about it in relation to variety aversion. 

In today’s episode I’ll be talking about:  

*What vocal variety aversion really means

*Why you must roll in all 5 elements

*Why you are leaving money on the table if you don’t

*How vocal variety touches the emotions and creates the connection

*How the wrong variety choice can repel your potential customer or following 

and so much more!

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Thank you for your shares and downloads and for making a difference with your voice!


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