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Episode #20 Times Have Changed, Making Business Connections Through Video w/ Scott Scowcroft

Episode #20 Times Have Changed, Making Business Connections Through Video w/ Scott Scowcroft

Welcome to the show!

Today I have the absolute honor to introduce you to Scott Scowcroft.  I have admired Scott’s work from afar for some time and am really excited to have him on the show. Scott is a video making master and he’s a really awesome guy!  Scott re-invented himself a little bit and as a part of that process, he created something called the “Scott Treatment” which is proving to be a great asset to entrepreneurs and business owners.  Anyone who wants to up their game and keep up with the quick changes occurring all around us could benefit from Scott’s work and the visibility, interest and income!   Hmmm, seems like I’ve mentioned how crucial it is for you to be doing video before.

In today’s episode Scott and I talk about how times have changed and how crucial video is to the success of all types of businesses, all entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to sell anything or get their message out for big impact.

In today’s episode we talk a lot about the power of video and why it’s so important today.

We talk about people’s fears about getting on camera and ways to overcome those fears.

We discuss the changing landscape of online education thanks to video.

What the “Scott Treatment” really is and so much more!

Take a listen here on Itunes:  Episode #21 Times Have Changed, Making Biz Connections Through Video w/Scott Scowcroft

If you are ready to make a bigger impact with your voice, make sure you take a look at my deep dive into making an impact with your voice live and on camera course.  You can find out more here:

Guest Bio

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Scott Scowcroft brands himself as the reluctant entrepreneur who never looked back. After over 30 years in broadcasting and marketing, he found himself jobless in Seattle but saved by technology that brought video production and distribution within reach of anyone who has a camera, microphone and access to the internet.  Through what has become known as “The Scott Treatment,” he now helps entrepreneurs, small businesses and others to leverage the power of video into online engagement, marketing and sales.

I highly encourage everyone to get moving on working with Scott!  You can find out more about Scott at:

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