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Episode #18 When Speaking Your Truth Becomes a Threat w/ Jean Marrapodi

Episode #18 When Speaking Your Truth Becomes a Threat w/ Jean Marrapodi

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got the amazing Jean Marrapodi with me!  I’ve known Jean for some time now and I think she is so amazingly talented in so many areas.  I’m most familiar with her work in higher education.  Jean brings so much insight and intelligence to all of her work and really stimulates her students, colleagues and friends to think outside of the box.  Jean is incredibly multi-talented and it’s an honor to know her and have her here on the show.

Today, Jean and I talk about speaking your truth.  Jean and I are both speaker’s of truth and both know first hand that it can be risky to call things as they truly are.

In today’s show Jean and I talk about some of her most recent experiences in the corporate world.

What happens when you speak your truth and it’s not so well received.

Why it’s crucial to stay steadfast and be clear on what your values are on speaking them when appropriate

We talk about influencers and trends in business and the corporate world and why communication and using your voice is so essential in life and business, no matter what that business looks like.

Plus, so much more!

I know you are going to love hearing from Jean!

You can listen here on Itunes: Episode #19 When Speaking Your Truth Becomes a Threat w/ Jean Marrapodi

If you’d like to find out more about me, you can find me at and make sure and reach out if you’d like to have your voice assessed!

Guest Bio

Jean Marrapodi, PhD, CPLP is a passionate educator and lifelong learner.  With 15 plus years in corporate training in banking, retail, printing, non-profits and healthcare, she understands trends and needs in a variety of industries.  Trained as a teacher, she taught preschool, special and elementary ed, and spent five years in higher ed, where she led her elearning team to win three national awards in 2014.  She is wholeheartedly invested in literacy, volunteering her time in adult education, teaching English and reading to the lowest literacy learners.  She is a CPLP, ATD’s highest credential and has a PhD in Adult Education along with a Masters Degree in Online Instructional Deisgn.  She is the Chief Learning Architect at Applestar Productions, designing learning and presenting workshops on instructional design, elearning and literacy.  You can find out more about Jean at or on Twitter @jmarrapodi

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