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Episode #14 Finding Your Voice in Social Media w/ Jen Lehner

Episode #14 Finding Your Voice in Social Media w/ Jen Lehner

Episode #14 Finding Your Voice in Social Media w/ Jen Lehner

Welcome to the show!

You are in for a real treat today. Today I have the honor of talking to social media master Jen Lehner.

I’ve been following Jen for a while and she’s not only brilliant at what she does but just as down to earth as can be.

In today’s episode Jen and I talk about social media, all the new live streaming that’s available and what the future looks like for live streaming.

Jen is also a twitter expert and a LinkedIn expert and we talk about ways to really make an impact on both of those platforms.

Plus, lots more about social media and branding.


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Don’t miss this hour, it’s packed full of golden nuggets of information for any and all small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Guest Bio


Jen’s always been up for a great adventure so after leaving North Carolina at the age of 6 she never minded moving around a lot because she always loved change. As an adult, her life has continued to be adventurous living in a number of different places including Charleston, Seattle, Toronto, Myrtle Beach, Mississippi and Cleveland all before her oldest son was 9 years old.

During each of those transitions, Jen used technology to make the most of everything: from the actual move to finding community resources and even arranging playdates for her kids. Jen found herself often in the role of the communications person, building websites, coordinating email campaigns, designing and branding social media marketing strategies. Technology allowed her to put down an anchor no matter where she was.

When Jen’s youngest child started kindergarten, she started using her digital skills, combined with her marketing skills from years of working in non-profits and fundraising to start the Posner Lehner Group, LLC a marketing agency. This decision has allowed Jen the opportunity to work with amazing clients, large and small as a partner and trusted advisor in helping them to solve their marketing challenges. Word spread very quickly and Jen was soon at capacity so she decided to launch This shift enabled Jen to help more clients by offering group training courses online and a limited number of one on one coaching sessions via Skype.

Jen loves to be able to break things down for people in a way that is simple to understand with the goal to help you achieve your goal as quickly and as simply as possible.

You can find out more about Jen at or follow her on twitter @jenergy

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