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Episode #55 Story, Writing and the Voice Connection w/ Dawn Purcell

Episode #55 Story, Writing and the Voice Connection w/ Dawn Purcell

Episode #55 Story, Writing, and the Voice Connection w/ Dawn Purcell

Welcome to the show!

I’m really excited about this episode.  Wow, did I learn a lot from this weeks guest.  I know a lot about voice, I’ve spent 30 years plus working with it/on it but the connection between voice and story is amazing!  I know you’re going to want to hear every minute of this episode because it’s packed with wonderful tips about writing and story.  I just enjoyed talking with Dawn so much, she’s very smart and super fun (and has a great voice!)

In today’s episode you’ll hear more about:

The connection between voice and story,

The history of story and how it relates to our lives today,

Why journal writing is so important,

Why writing doesn’t have to be a dreaded task,

Fun tips for getting started in writing and more!


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Guest Bio:
Dawn Purcell is a writer of young adult fantasy fiction and is currently working on her first novel. After finally caving into her love of myth, fairytale, and movies, Dawn now helps other creative writers to use these elements to really fuel their creative writing in a process called Mythic Journaling. She also offers Soul Script, a one to one journal coaching program for creative writers, and also intensive journal coaching sessions that are transformative, deep, and suitable for everybody.
She also helps entrepreneurs to write their way to personal and business growth through her ‘Journaling Entrepreneur’ coaching program.
She holds a BS In psychology and has taught the psychology of health and well being for 10 years. She holds a teaching qualification, an MA in Creative Writing and is Certified Journaling Instructor. She lives with her soul mate and has 3 feisty children. Dawn is pretty sure that she is descended from Vikings.
You can read more about Dawn and her work here:
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