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Episode #28 The Art of Storytelling w/ Art Jones

Episode #28 The Art of Storytelling w/ Art Jones

Episode #28 The Art of Storytelling w/Art Jones

Welcome to the show!

Today I’ve got the pleasure of speaking with Art Jones of The Art of Standing Out.  I’ve known Art for a little while and I just think the world of him, such an expert at the art of storytelling and marketing and so many other things.  I have no doubt you are going to love hearing what Art has to say in this weeks interview.

In this episode you’ll hear Art and I talk about:

*Keys to success in inbound marketing,

*Human Centered design thinking,

*Branding and how far too many people miss the mark,

*Key things business owners need to focus on when establishing branding,

*Stories and why people are reluctant to tell theirs,

*The different types of stories you want to tell,

*Stories and their link to vulnerability,

*Why stories and video marketing are key today and so much MORE!

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Art jones

Guest Bio

Art Jones has over 30 years experience working on the sales side of business process automation technology.  He has worked for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups.  In 2008 Art shifted from the sales side of the conversation into the marketing side and founded, “The Art of Inbound Marketing”.  Over the years, Art has continued to evolve and in the fourth quarter of 2014 he changed his business name to “The Art of Standing Out” where they employ Human Centered Design Thinking to help build your brand, tell your brand story, optimize your marketing and maximize new revenues via the inbound selling model to fuel business growth.