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Welcome to the Celebrity Voice Live Stream Course


I’m so glad you are here and thank you for joining me.

Over the next 5 weeks, everything is going to change for you!

We are going to set your voice free, get you comfortable on camera and making an impact every time you share your message.

Throughout the course, if you need anything you can always email me

The videos will come out, directly to your email at the top of each week.  Make sure you set my email as safe so you don’t miss anything.  If you find that you are not getting the emails with the videos let me know.

Each week we will meet for live coaching.  I’ll be touching base with you on this exact day/time but we are set to go the week of the 29th of March.

2 things you need to do now.

Join the Facebook group.  In that group is where you are going to do your Facebook Lives and also where you can ask questions and get additional coaching/training from me.  Facebook group link for course

Make a video of you talking to me, talk about anything.  Record yourself for about 3 minutes.  Send over to me via Dropbox or a Youtube link.  This recording is for me to assess your voice, see exactly where you are at right now.  No one will see this video but me.  

By doing this video I can get a feel for how I need to direct you in the live coaching.  You can talk about anything, tell me anything, maybe tell me a little bit about your fears in doing the program.  Up to you.

So for now, those are the steps you need to take and I’ll be back with your shortly.

Again, here’s that Facebook private, closed group, join now! Facebook group link for course

I’ll see you in the group and back with more soon!  Thank you again for your willingness to trust me to set your voice free!