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Voice Technique for Podcasting JVZoo

So you want to do a podcast?  Or maybe you already have one!  That’s great….but, oh, wait, you don’t like your sound.

BUT, You know you aren’t making an impact with your voice!

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have, if you know how to use it!

In the first 30 seconds we speak, people are making decisions about you.  What are they deciding about you?

Do you find you feel and sound stiff?

Don’t have a good pace or flow?

Not quite sure what to say or how to say it?

Feeling weird about guest interviews or even worse, dreading them?

Not making maximum impact with your vocal variety?

Find you spend more time editing out breathing than you ever imaged?

Maybe you say UH a lot!  

You are in the right place!


Lots of people really struggle with making a big impact with their voice.

From not really sounding all that confident to technical issues like speaking too fast or not sounding interesting.

Being behind the mic, well, your audience doesn’t have any facial cues so it’s ESSENTIAL that your voice makes an impact.

The voice is what captivates and keeps them from clicking off.

The voice is what can get you the downloads and subscribes you are looking for.

The voice is the tool that brings the words to life, touches the senses and in turn effects the emotions so you can get the followers and sell to them!

You sound not so confident, definitely not the authority that you are!

You hate it, every minute of it and it shows!

And, we hear it in your voice.

If you want to make a podcast with a voice that makes an impact then you need to learn a few amazing techniques that will be GAME CHANGERS for not only how you sound but how you feel about yourself!

What is your voice saying?



In control?




OR Afraid, Not so confident, Don’t bother hiring me!

That’s okay, I’ve got some amazing techniques that will not only get you past the rough spots but make you an on camera pro!

Ready to make a big impact sharing your message to millions on your podcast?

Don’t miss my online course on how to make a bigger impact with your voice on your podcast, Voice Technique for Podcast.

This course is full of over 35 short videos that will teach you step by step exactly what you need to do to make a bigger impact with your voice, sound more interesting, breathe, connect and captivate like never before!  Plus exercises for you to try and work on to learn the skill.

Learn how to sound natural,

Learn how vocal variety can touch the emotions of your audience or repel them,

How to managing a script, 

How to sound more natural if you are scripted,

The reason no one tells you about why you keep saying “uh”,

Make your words flow off of your tongue and sound interesting



What others are saying:

Want to get on camera so you don’t get left behind but need the courage? You’ll get it here!

Want to sound confident and Interesting?

I’ll teach you how, step by step.

If you are afraid to get behind the mic, we can change that.  If you don’t captivate behind the mic, those days are over! I’ll show you how in a step by step easy to understand format.

In this course you’ll learn:


Introduction to Voice Training and of the Key Element of Muscle Memory


Getting your words out  because they are coming out anyway

A little bit about me and my background and course overview


In this module you’ll learn how to set your core five

How to deal with glitches

About perception and how it’s getting in your way

Delivering with Passion


Vocal Energy and getting the words clearly out of your mouth


In this module you’ll learn about scripts for you and when you do an interview

Energy matching

Asking questions

Dealing with that guest that never stops talking


In this module you’ll learn about the power of confidence through the vocal variety you choose

Stressing of words


Shifts in pace, volume and pitch

Pausing and elongation


In this module you’ll get an overview of breathing

The breakdown of the three sectionson breathing

Learning how to breathe and why you don’t

Tank building

Connecting to the breath


YEP, it’s a LOT of information!
This course is comprised of video technique training and exercises to do.  For a variety of legitimate reasons far to many people don’t execute their best behind the mic. It’s actually easy to fix some of the most common mistakes that can be found in few key techniques in writing-by truly guiding the listener in a clear and dynamic way, what your doing with your voice that will make a dramatic difference videos.

Voice Technique for Podcaster’s will give you the foundation of technique you need to be more engaging and dynamic than every before.

A Game Changing Course, All yours for $77.00

Podcast Voice Technique