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If you like to learn at your own pace, online, this is the place!

Purchase and download courses in voice technique, on camera technique and accent reduction.

Voice Technique for Video, Webinar and Podcast Success.

Want to create an engaging and dynamic voice on Video, Webinars and Podcast?

Want to keep your listeners and viewers engaged until the end, leaving them wanting more and ensuring you will captivate them beyond measure?

Do you find your voice sounding flat? Maybe stiff and uninteresting?

Every 90 seconds the viewer or listener can check out of watching or listening to you. So it’s essential that you captivate at every turn. The voice, the most powerful and often times most underused instrument can do just that, captivate your audience so there is no question they will stay engaged with you.

Voice Techniques for Video, Webinar, Podcast Success will teach you step by step exactly how to create an engaging and dynamic voice that will keep your audience captivated even if they never see your face.

Voice improvement training is a set of techniques that once you learn them, you can apply to your speaking in videos, podcast and even real life pitches and presentations. The result, a more engaging and interesting voice. The key, learning the techniques so you know the steps and in turn deliver all voice content like a pro. In this course you will learn technique that you can apply right away and other techniques that you can continue to work on for longer term, continued improvement.

This course, Voice Technique for Video, Webinar and Podcast Success is full of video trainings, audio trainings and pdf’s that walk you step by step through each and every one of the vocal techniques that will have your audience engaged.

The step by step training in this covers topics:

Vocal variety, Pitch

Pacing, Speed Shifts, Volume

Volume adjustments, Articulation

Stress, Intonation, Script Delivery

Organic Delivery vs. Technique

Practicing, Preparation, and more…

Everything you need to create a captivating and engaging voice that will dramatically improve your relationships with others, your video presence and engagement and your income is included in these 60 lessons, with new material added on a regular basis and constant interaction with instructor.

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What people are saying about this course.

Tracy, I love Udemy and constantly take different courses. Yours is my favorite course I’ve taken so far. Your delivery is so engaging…the perfect example of the techniques you teach. Udemy should require all instructors to watch this course before filming their first course! Well done!
Billy Bob Brigman

Great course!
This is one of the better, if not the best, courses that I’ve taken so far on Udemy. The instructor is engaging and the topic is covered thoroughly. Each lecture averages about 3 minutes, which is a perfect bite-sized amount to pay attention to, and the instructor provides pdf notes for each lecture.
Jon White

Amazing Tracy, thank you.
My goodness Tracy, your videos are precious nuggets. I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude; your videos have been useful, no question. I love your conversational manner, your detailed voice techniques, and your relevant examples. Rest assured I will be practising your vocal exercises everyday. Hopefully from now on, I’ll be able to drive all my words & sentences to the END as I now know not to assume that my audience knows what I know! The fact that you offer to critique your students’ voice reflects on your passion for what you do and your unconditional generosity. It is rare to find a teacher that has such a BIG HEART. I am very touched; you are the best.
High quality videos, a highly experienced teacher, highly recommended!!
Thank you very much Tracy,
Alex from Australia

Bestest Voice Training
I have fallen in love with the way Tracy teaches. Im very conscious of my voice, delivery, and accent and this course is slowly but surely helping me gain confidence because of the techniques being taught in the lessons. Section about scripting and how to avoid sounding like a robot is the best.
April Alunsina Pagaling

Just What I Needed Before Shooting My Own Course Videos!
Watch this course and pay close attention to how Tracy presents and acts in front of the camera! Then go and practice the same. Absolutely brilliant presentation and demonstration of voice technique.
Tracy SHOWS that she knows the material – she is using her voice exactly the way she teaches me to do.
The production quality is outstanding – the audio, the light, the video frame – everything is perfect. Tracy put a lot of thought into producing this course – anyone who wants to improve how they sound while presenting will benefit from taking Tracy’s course.
Thank you so much Tracy!
Larissa Fontenot

The best course I’ve taken on Udemy!
This is an amazing course for anyone who wants to improve their speaking in any format. It’s geared toward video, webinars, and podcasts, but the techniques you’ll learn can improve EVERY conversation or phone call you have.
In every lecture, Tracy models what she teaches as well as giving so many practical tools you can use. Even though she is a pro, she has a down-to-earth manner that inspires confidence that I can use her techniques too.
I’ve also found her to be very responsive when I had a question.
If you want to improve how you come across in any setting, and you could only take one course on Udemy, this is the one I’d take. That said, if you need to reduce your accent, then her course on accent reduction may be the course to take. Better yet, I’d take both!
Dan Grandstaff

Great start to improve the voice
very practical, I started imidiatly to see results, after useing the technic teached in this course. Some times things are told repeatitive – but in general worth to take.
Charly Sutter

Great Course–Thanks Tracy Goodwin
If your looking to increase your voice technique this course is a must. It’s cheap when you compare it to the money you can make from the Techniques Tracy will teach you. I recommend this course. Great content!!!
Jake Davis
Very informative … everything you need is here and more
highly recommended … all the information you need to speak clearly and be very engaging … thanks a lot for your efforts
Maged Koshty
Develop voice techniques to ensure webinar, podcast speaking success
Tracy “walks the talk”, engendering in her students techniques and skills in speaking, whilst demonstrating the same skills in her teaching delivery. She is engaging, confident and caring in what she is providing to all students in improving the vocal component of presenting. This is not only valuable for Videos, Webinars and Podcasts, it’s also valuable in day to day communication – we can all improve how we say what we say for a better outcome – and Tracy shows us how.

Tracy is a great speaker, performer and teacher. The course clearly explains every detail of the art of speaking and delivering video content. Anyone who’s doing online courses can benefit from taking this knowledge to practice while recording his/her lectures.
Nathan Kumsher
So Much More Than I Expected, A++
All I can say is WOW! I love the idea of using the Storytelling method. I normally use a teleprompter for my videos. I’m going to try using the teleprompter just for bullet points and not relying so much on it to read from. Awesome Course, And I highly recommend it. Seriously A++
Worth it’s weight in gold!
If you hired a personal coach this training would cost a great deal. Take this course. The tips you learn help you communicate in all kinds of situations.
Stephanie Diamond