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Live 1/2 Day Workshop Reclaim Your Real Voice and Communicate More Effectively

Reclaim Your Real Voice and Communicate More Effectively

1/2 Day Live Workshop

9/23 9:00 am to 12:00 pm * Workshop location Studio City

Are you tired of not saying what you need to say?

What about not sounding or feeling confident?

Maybe you have grown tired of being cut off when you speak?

Is it possible when you speak you don’t make people listen?

Maybe you can’t seem to captivate the audience or get ahead in your business or personal life?

Or maybe your voice and communication skills are keeping you from creating the life you deserve?


Your voice is the most powerful tool you have…if you know how to use it.

Your voice is how we determine everything about you.  In the first 30 second, we make all of our decisions, including if we are going to listen to you and if we trust you which means are we going to buy from you.

The crazy thing, everyone can have a confident, captivating and compelling voice, you just have to do a few things to make that happen.

We have to get rid of the bad voice habits that were laid in by your psychology of the voice.

We have to lay in new good voice habits that will ensure you captivate the room every time you speak.


In this one day workshop you’ll learn:

What your psychology of the voice story and why it’s the core of your problem,

What the bad habits are that are keeping you from captivating the audience and creating connections,

What your bad voice habits are costing you,

The key ingredient to building stronger connections and relationships w/ your voice and words,

How to get your sound unstuck and flowing to us,

The one voice and communication tool you must use to change everything and more.  


This is an introductory workshop for voice and communication.  But, it’s a great place to start to get you on your way to sounding more confident, captivating the room, compelling us to take action.


If you want to change your voice, you are in the right place.  If you’re ready to transform your life then you don’t want to miss this workshop!

Registration is limited for hands-on coaching opportunities.  

Cost $20.00


Join me, Tracy Goodwin for this 1/2 day workshop and learn what you need to change to start speaking with a voice that will make people listen, use your voice, share your message and captivate the room when you speak.

Space is limited so register early.