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I’d love to help you reach your goals in voice and speaking!

Below, you will find purchase links for all of my downloadable courses.



Voice Technique for Video, Webinar and Podcast Success $197.00

This is my most popular course!  Learn everything you need to make a big impact with your voice.

Want to get a voice that makes people listen?  I can tell you exactly what you need to do!  Join the other 2000 plus students who are learning to use their voice to make a big impact.  With over 60 plus videos, you’ll learn everything from the psychology of the voice-why you do what you do and what you need to do to fix it to basic techniques in vocal variety, breathing and getting the words out of your mouth.  This course will transform not only your voice, but your life.   Want to learn more about the course?  Click here:

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Present Successfully on Camera with Ease $77.00

Ready to get on video?  Maybe you already are and not quite making the impact you desire.

In this course you’ll learn essential technique to make your videos irresistible from a presentation standpoint.

Movement, content and voice that will captivate the audience, even on the other side of the lens.

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Reclaim Your True Voice and Speak Freely $47.00

Tired of not feeling confident when you speak?  Not really wanting to talk because you don’t like your sound?

Don’t make an impact with your voice?  Can’t seem to get anyone to listen?  Let’s change that!  It can be done and I’ll show you how!

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Podcasting Voice, Captivate the Audience and Turn Them Into Raving Fans $97.00

In this course, it’s all about you, the podcaster using the most powerful tool you have, your voice.

Learn valuable techniques that will ensure you grab your listeners from your first word and keep them with you.  Build your audience by using the tool, your voice, to touch the emotions of the audience and turn them into raving followers and fans.  



Celebrity Voice Technique for Live Stream $197.00

Want to learn the voice techniques I use with my TV Star clients so you make a massive impact and major cash with your live stream?  Then you don’t want to miss this course!

Learn key techniques to make your live streams engaging and converting!  Captivate and compel with your voice, the missing link!

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Sounding More Confident When You Speak Course $47.00

You know it if you don’t sound confident.  You also probably know that it could be a problem.  If you don’t sound confident it’s hard to make a big impact with your message, it’s also hard to get ahead in your personal and professional life.  But, don’t panic, there is a way to fix it and I’d love to help.  By learning a few key voice techniques, practicing them and making them your own, you too can sound confident and pretty fast!

Ready to sound confident every time you open your mouth?

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