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Confident Voice Boot Camp

You are making a great decision!  Once you realize the power you have in your voice, you will catapult your business and professional career, guaranteed!

It’s time for you to speak, feel and look confident every time you speak!

How would it feel to say what you want and need to say with ease, too not feel that nervous feeling that keeps you from getting visible and to be able to use your voice to captivate us?

I believe that your voice is the most powerful tool you have if you know how to use it. Far too many people don’t realize the power of their voice and the amount of money the are leaving on the table when they don’t learn how to make an impact with their greatest tool.

I get it, there are lots of other things that are important, but when you can touch our emotions, you can win our hearts and the voice is the only tool that has the ability to make use feel and cause us to take action.

In live streams, in videos and even in live speaking, your voice counts from the moment you speak your very first word.  What kind of impact will your voice make?

Will we hear your confidence, your expertise, your passion?  

Or, will we hear voice barriers of doubt and caution, will we hear your words stuck in the back of your throat, will we hear your voice flat and without any variety to touch our emotions?

Join me for some intensive live coaching in my upcoming BOOTCAMP, live online training.

*This is perfect for you if you:

*Want to sound more confident,

*Want to get rid of the voice barriers that are standing in the way of you and your ideal client,

*Want to be more captivating,

*Want to touch us on an emotional level.

For $97.00, you bet I”m in!  

Boot Camp Two 5/6 10:00 AM PST Sign up here: Let Me In!

In this 2-hour coaching session, you’ll join me and no more than 6 others in a small group setting to get:

Valuable one on one coaching for your specific issues,

Learn what your voice barriers are so you can get rid of them,

Take on your biggest voice issue that is keeping you from moving forward,

And as much as I can pack in during the two hours!



This 2-hour training is very limited in size so that everyone will get one on one attention.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get the foundation elements you need to start shifting your voice so that you can:

Sound, look and feel more confident,

Come out of the gate strong from your very first word,

Learn to use some elements of variety for impact,

Instruction on your specific issue.

This is a very hands-on workshop and you will be coached live in a small group.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get valuable voice training at a fraction of my normal rate.



Boot Camp Two 5/6 10:00 AM PST Sign up here: Let Me In!

Space is limited 6 people MAX so don’t delay!

Hear what past participants have said:

It blows me away how effortlessly Tracy made major changes in my voice. I have talked this way for over half a century and have always hated the way I sounded and she gave me the techniques to make major changes. I even feel more confident. If any of you have this very rare opportunity to attend the boot camp with her please go. It is a life changer. Thank-you Tracy Goodwin.

Kevin Jackson

It was a great time and a phenomenal learning experience! Highly recommend it! Jessica Wayman