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Celebrity/Leader Live Stream Advanced

Yay!  I can’t wait to work with you more on your journey to deliver live streams and videos like a celebrity, like a business leader.

Here’s the scoop on the Celebrity Live Stream Advanced Course

How long:  4 weeks

What You Get:

4 group sessions, every Wed. 12 pm PST, length of time 1.5 hours

6 lives/videos if you have a group or page, I’ll watch 3 on your page/group and you’ll do 3 in mine.

If you are doing videos for a course, let’s get to work on it.  I’ll watch 6 videos of your course.  Or, you can do 3-course videos and 3 live streams.

Additional videos.

Additional workbook

Facebook Group for support, delivery, additional training


What We Will Cover:  Continued Work/New Content

Vocal variety and regulation,

Utilizing pause for power,

Answering questions,

Dealing with people in the live stream,

Transitional phrases,


Front line/last line,

Wrapping up and recapping for last minute joiners,


Bottom Line It,

Trusting your choices,



When you mess up,

Advanced refining on all elements we covered in session I,

Signature style, what’s yours?,

Talking to me, not at me,

Reliving vs. retelling,

Adding melody,

Staying focused,

Flow and getting the words out,

Asking questions,

Taking me on the voice journey,

Stressing words,

Content organization within videos/live streams,

Culling content and bottom lining it in delivery,

Mechanics of delivering live streams/groups/pages/sharing, comments, boost post.

Anything else that comes up as you are doing your videos and live streams will be addressed in the calls and additional live streams from me in the group.

The **special hot seat coaching section you as the facilitator and dealing with a guest (me)!

Cost:  $445.00


1-hour one on one sessions with me.

You may add up to 4, 1-hour one on one sessions with me for additional support and specific issues.

Cost per session is $125.00, less than half of my normal rate.


**Live streams must be completed by 4 days after final course meeting

Course link and private one on one coaching:

Celebrity LS Advanced