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5-Day Challenge Captivate w/ Your Voice in a Podcast

Captivate w/ Your Voice, Catapult your Business Podcast and Interview 5 Day Challenge


Do you have a podcast?  Are you captivating and converting your audience w/ your voice?

Are you a guest on podcast interviews?

Have you thought about starting a podcast but don’t feel confident to get behind the mic?


Voice is key in business…it’s essential for a podcast!


Having a podcast of your own or being interviewed on podcasts can catapult your business success!


But, you need to use your voice to captivate your audience, to connect with them, to compel them to take action!

If this is you, then I hope you’ll join me for my upcoming 5 Day Captivate w/ your voice and catapult your business podcast challenge, you’ll learn how to do just that!


Over the five days you’ll learn:

**How to get in your conversational zone to quickly build connections

**Get your speed calibrated so you don’t go too fast or too slow but regulate your speed so you sound like the expert influencer you are,

**Breaking down what you want to talk about so you deliver the content in a way that we understand (we don’t know what you know)

**Learn how to check your perception of what you’re putting out vs. what is being received so you captivate the audience, guaranteed and learn a secret sauce tip to ensure you are talking to us, not at us (we can tell, even if it’s

**AND one of my secret weapon techniques to guarantee you talk TO us, not AT us!

Are you ready to sign up?

All powerful voice tools are essential for podcasting! but they will also help you make a bigger impact with your voice in both 

Bonus, these voice techniques will help you make a bigger impact with your voice when you: both 

Speak live,

In on air and live interviews

Live streams, 

Even water cooler conversations!


During the 5 Day Challenge, you will get an email with a voice technique taught via video.  Then, you’ll have an opportunity to try out the technique and get some feedback from me!

You will also have the opportunity to try out the technique and get some feedback from me!


I’ve been coaching the voices of TV stars, business leaders, and podcasters for over 25 years and what I do know is this, your voice is the tool that has the power to touch our lives. 

We don’t remember the words…we remember how you made us feel.


Join the challenge by clicking the link below.  The 5-day Challenge starts May 15th.