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4 Must Do Techniques to Increase Connection in Online Training’s

4 Must Do Techniques Especially in Podcast and Online Training’s


One of the best things about technology is how it’s really opened up great ways to sell and market one’s self. Of course, we all know by now that it’s about offering value, giving away the good stuff first but if you don’t captivate the audience and connect with them the good stuff is wasted. Two of the most popular ways of increasing sales by delivering great content for free, or otherwise, is in Webinars and Podcasts. However, now a lot more people are doing podcast and webinars than ever before so it’s essential that you set yourself apart with your voice and speaking delivery and technique and if you do, you will increase sales. It’s no longer an option to not captivate the audience so it’s essential for you to come across as the expert that you are in both webinars and podcast (and live presentations) and it’s the overall package of content that’s delivered flawlessly with a voice that brings the words to life and movement that is not random and distracting but rather enhances your overall delivery.

There are many techniques you can learn and apply in the areas of content delivery, voice presentation and movement/gestures, which will make your presentations better and improve your connections and sales, however, I’ve picked four of the most crucial to captivate and engage so you can teach more, sell more and captivate and connect like never before. The four technique’s listed below are common deal breakers that far too many people make and it’s highly possible are reasons you’re not getting the results you want.

One: You must have a Strong Opening. No matter how you open your video or recording, you must sound confident from the start. If you do a welcome, great, if not, that’s okay too; some presenters like to dive right into content. No matter how you start, you must know what you’re going to say, say it clearly and concisely and with a strong, passionate, interesting voice. Make sure in your delivery, in your opening that you express your enthusiasm for your product, your mission, your service. Let me hear how much value you place in the solution you’re selling. Let me hear it in your voice; see it in your confident body (if I see you). Even if, especially if we don’t see you, it’s essential that you bring the words to life. The words are everything and they are nothing if you don’t affect me with them, it’s the voice that has the power to do that. Bottom line, don’t waste people’s time, especially in the beginning if you want them to stick around to the end.

Two: Stressing the right words is a huge one and one that is far too often over looked. Everything cannot have the same value. One of the things I see with many people is the tendency to either stress everything or stress nothing. Think of adding stress, or adding value as I call it, as if you were pointing out to me what is important to you and what should be important to me. If you think in terms of connecting words with the emotions, words with the story, words with the action then you will find yourself adding value to words that will in turn guide your audience to take the action you want them to take.

Three: Clear word choice presented with confidence. It is essential that you outline your delivery as well as select your word choice based on what is in the best interest of the client. Far too often, I hear the expert talking expert, delivering loads of technical information, or far too many examples of what a great job they did along the way somewhere…well, guess what, the client wants to know how you can make it better for them. As you pick your words and outline your work, make sure and think about, first and foremost what does the client want and need and how can verbalize that so they see or hear rather that I can deliver exactly what they want. Remember, as hard as it is, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Four: Passion and enthusiasm over content and perfection. It’s super simple to do; you get so caught up in the content, the script and the material that you completely forget about your passion and enthusiasm about your subject. I also see loads of experts get caught up in delivering their material with perfection. It’s not possible to deliver your material perfect and in fact, studies tell us that if you make mistakes and especially if you admit them, the audience connects to you better. So, forget perfectionism and the exact words of the content you want to deliver. Put your focus on the client, their desired results and your passion and enthusiasm for their solution, which is whatever you are selling. Don’t give all the power to the words, but get connected to the words, the message, how they make you feel and you they should make the audience feel.

When the four adjustments are applied, you will create much stronger podcast and webinars, pitches and presentations that are more engaging to the audience because they are more connected to you and your message and therefore you will be able to create a connection with the audience which is essential. Words alone cannot create a connection. Content is important but bringing it to life and delivering it vibrantly and full of life and energy is what will break through the noise, captivate the crowd. Once the audience is captivated and engaged, they will stay with you until the end, which is exactly what you want, you will teach better, sell more and have the ability to change lives.

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