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Your voice is the most powerful tool you have, if you know how to use it.  It’s the Voice that Captivates the Room tells us your confident, that you are an authority, touches our emotions and calls us to action. 512 927 7773

The voice leads, it establishes your confidence, your authenticity, your authority.

THIS is the piece you have not thought of but it’s the piece you can’t afford to ignore.

Voice is EVERYTHING, it’s not just speaking on a stage.

Voice is speaking live, webinars, podcasting, videos, e-courses, conference calls, pitches, presentations, voice messages, networking, interviewing, even water cooler conversation.

What is your voice saying?  Confident, authority, trustable OR low self-esteem, not a leader….it says one or the other.  You get to decide which it is.

In the modern age of technology it becomes even more important to have voice power.  It’s far to easy for people to turn you off on a webinar or podcast or video training.

In the time it takes to say “hello” people are judging you, deciding if they want to hire you, if they like you but even more, if they TRUST you.  Trust is built in the melody of the voice.

Don’t do all that work on your online or live presentation to miss the most important link, the voice.

In order to captivate, to command, to sound confident and with authority you must have voice power!

Voice power is not being loud, it’s;

Voice power is breath support;

Vocal variety that brings the words life so they touch our emotions;

The words, coming out clearly with the proper emphasis so your message makes a BIG IMPACT!

To be grounded, with movements that enhance your message, not distract from it.

Does that sound like your voice?  It can.  You can sound confident, like the authority, the expert, the leader that you know you are.

But, you’ve got to step into your voice power.  I can show you how, step by step.

For over 20 years I’ve taught individuals how to transform their business and personal lives by building confidence through voice power, I can do the same for you, it’s easier than you think.  

If you speak, present, lead, teach, or podcast.  If you are in business, run a business, are an entrepreneur, you MUST step into the power of your voice.  The time is now.  The time is now more than ever before to speak on camera and live in such a way that people can’t not listen.

If you are interested in having your voice assessment, let’s talk, just click this link to schedule your assessment NOW!

Transform My Voice Please!

If you are looking for more one on one attention with a program designed especially for your specific needs, you want one on one training.  I’m a voice intuitive, I’ll hear what we need to work on in ten minutes, give you the skills you need and set you free, in more ways than just your voice.  We’ll find your voice, create your message and I’ll craft a program specifically for you that will have you speaking your truth and making a BIG impact.   Are you ready to captivate the room?